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Arts and Crafts Workshops at EdanZ

Weekly workshops

Model Drawing – Model Tekenen
Sunday 14.00-16.30
(Traditional art school ) figure drawaing. Always with nude male or female model. 
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Ceramics On The pottery Wheel 
Monday 19.30 22.00
€20 per session all inclusive

Sculpting from a naked model
Tuesday 14.00-16.30
We use a rotating platform for this session.  You may paint or draw.
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Sewing Café – Naaicafé  Notice-Please inquire before attending as this event is  volunteering dependent
Wednesday 14.00-17.00
Bring your own project. Materials available
– Donation –

Creative Café – Creatief café
Thursday 14.00-17.00
Bring your own project. Materials available
– Donation –

Ceramic Beginners Introduction Evenings
Tuesday and Thursdays 19.30-22.00
Simple introduction class to ceramics
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Ceramic Glazing Course: Basics 1
Saturdays 19.00-21.00
Introduction to calculate and safely use glazes in ceramics open studio
€20 (all materials included)

See EdanZ Agenda or art@EdanZ group event on Facebook for dates and further information.




Ceramic Open Atelier:  Everyday., During EdanZ opening hours, (except when booked programmed events are running):  Please be sure to check special agendas and for cancellations on Facebook.

Open studio ceramics is facilitated by users who have received an introduction..  Workshops, including model Tekenen ( fiqure drawing) is facilitated by trained volunteers specializing in providing the skills required for running the event. For updated information please check events on Face book: Art@EdanZ.  Please join the Art@ EdanZ Facebook group if you wish to receive posts and information about future events.  Art @ EdanZ is a working community.

Click here for Art@EdanZ Facebook group page.

EdanZ Art Spaces

EdanZ is here to provide an affordable work space for people who are willing to take responsibility to work for themselves. We are a non for profit organisation.

After attending a few beginners sessions all users are able to work their own personal projects easily.   The workshop spaces are run by volunteers.

If you are new to Ceramics we recommend that you attend at least 2 of our introduction sessions before working in the “Open” Atelier.

You may also request a personal introduction session, by appointment,  with fees charged starting from €20

All charges for workshop time and courses contribute toward the sustainability of the Edanz project as a whole.  We sell materials for Art projects on the same non profit basis.

On arrival we ask you to read though some guidelines before signing in. This covers basic necessity of Health and Safety and also ensures the smooth running of the space.

Low income and discounts.

We provide a %25 discount card that can be used for all Art@EdanZ activities.  If you for have a stadjetspas you can also claim a government funded discount..


Art @ EdanZ is a Facebook group set up to invite members and inform them about all up and coming Art events.

We are especially interested in networking with teachers or organizers, and we also are able to provide special plans for those who need help with start ups.