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Please collect your pottery! : December 2018 .  We begin shelf cleaning in January.

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Most workshops can be attended whenever it suits you. You don’t have to sign in in advance for Beginners Ceramics and Model Drawing Sessions.

Model Drawing – Model Tekenen
Sunday 14.00-16.30
(Traditional art school ) figure drawaing. Always with nude male or female model. 
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Ceramics On The pottery Wheel 
Monday 19.30 22.00
€20 per session all inclusive

Sculpting from a naked model
Tuesday 14.00-16.30
We use a rotating platform for this session.  You may paint or draw.
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Sewing Café – Naaicafé  Notice-Please inquire before attending as this event is  volunteering dependent
Wednesday 14.00-17.00
Bring your own project. Materials available
– Donation –

Creative Café – Creatief café
Thursday 14.00-17.00
Bring your own project. Materials available
– Donation –

Ceramic Beginners Introduction Evenings
Tuesday and Thursdays 19.30-22.00
Simple introduction class to ceramics
€12,- (€9 with card system, €7 Stadjerspas)

Ceramic Glazing Course: Basics 1
Saturdays 19.00-21.00
Introduction to calculate and safely use glazes in ceramics open studio
€20 (all materials included)

See EdanZ Agenda or art@EdanZ group event on Facebook for dates and further information.



Open Atelier Times
For ceramicists who have attended open atelier introductions or a course or who are proficient enough to use the facilities unguided.  Opening times for use during EdanZ opening hours.
€6 per hour, or €12 for a morning, afternoon or evening (approximately a 3 hour session),  (most use our %25 discount card )



This month:

Healthyu Lifestyle EXPO.  
8TH Sept-8TH Nov.  More info- click here: FACEBOOK EDANZ EVENTS

If you are an Artist please inquire about the possibilities to exhibit your work.


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