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EdanZ CeramicS

!!Please come in to collect your pottery!! :  We shelf clean regularly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Last recycling date was:  5 January 2019./  28 March 2019.  We will keep green clay work until it drys out so please wrap it well if you are thinking of leaving it for more than 2 weeks.  We keep bisk work for 3 months, without a keeping request. We keep fully glazed work for 4 months without a keeping request.  Then your work will be placed into the box of lost dreams.   After that we may sell or give away unwanted ceramics to art recycling projects or the bin.

 We run a selection of ceramic workshops and courses: See below for further details on this page for:

  • Beginners Introductions
  • Throwing
  • Glazing
  • Casting and Sculpting.

For beginners we have simple price systems to guide the buying of materials.

OUR FACILITIES:      56m² ceramics studio + 12m² glazing area

Maximum 15 persons

  • A variety of tools and molds for working with clay and plaster.
  • 3 sink areas
  • 3 Kick wheels
  • 4 Shimpo (Electric) wheels
  • 2″Pugmill machine for mixing specialist clays
  • Slip casting area
  • Sculpture/Plaster mold making area/  and a rotating platform( for a figure modelling)
  • Storage
  • 3 Kilns, Nabertherm Top 60 ø40/45, 2x Vingerling Auto. Gouda- 30/30/30
  • Glazes and Engobes/ dipping tubs and a spraying booth
  • Materials shop/ clay varieties/ plaster, glazing materials.  +pay per item list.

* With our card system you will receive a discount of 25% for individual use during EdanZ Events..

for individuals

* hour: €6,-

* daypart: €12,-

* day: €15,-

* open studio monthly use: €150,-

for workshops 

* hour: €25,-
* day-part: €56,-
* day: €125,-



ceramics Open studio and community introduction evenings

Facilitated:  EdanZ Volunteer/s

Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening we hold an Open Studio  “drop ins” to help beginners, or show new people how to use the space.   We also use this time to give simple course introductions.

Open Studio and  Beginners Introduction Evening : €12 per session./ €9 with EdanZ Event card

Material cost: Recycling studio clay is free however if you want to make a fired ceramic we have simple pricing guide.

Beginners work is usually priced by object- and this includes all the material processing costs, including a transparent glaze (usually over a colored engobe/ a colored clay glaze decoration- we have an amazing selection of engobes!).

  • €3   Cups, Small bowls, and Tiles.
  • €4   Vases, Large cups/ (or a set up for Engobe glazed Jewelry)
  • €5   Plates, Cereal bowls,
  • €7   Larger salad bowls, Larger Plates
  • €9   Sculptures (molded or hand built)
  • €10 Super large fruit/ bread making bowl

For already introduced/ Open studio users: We will also sell a selection clays and glazes by weight, wet and dry.  You must attend Basic 1 Glazing to access these.

Advanced users often prefer buying or providing their own materials and renting kiln space.

Throwing Courses

Mondays 7.30pm.

Teacher : Jonathan

You can drop in without appointment for this session. However sometimes its best to reserve the electric wheels. (PLEASE CALL/MAIL OR TEXT ( TO RESERVE A WHEEL)

This workshop focuses on the wish to learn or improve throwing skills.  

Each session will has a themed “form” such as; handling the making of plates, vases, jugs, pots or bowls, deforming and surface effects.

Differing types or clay are specially prepared during these sessions. The price includes clay and minimal processing. (Those wanting to glaze will need to attend either open studio sessions or glazing specific workshops).

This workshop is also suited for beginners who would like to help with there centering or who simply want to spin clay for the fun of it. You may also use the session to continue with an unfinished project.

Monday Evening prices are €20 per session.  (See edanz agenda and facebook for scheduled availability)


Glazing Courses

Teacher: Jonathan

You must attend at least the Basic 1 course to use the colored chemical glazes in Open studio sessions. ( Beginners access engobes only.)


Saturdays at 7pm.   Twice per month.

This session runs, on demand, every two weeks and is very good value. Please sign in on Facebook or by telephone, text, whats app, or email. (0626253515)

After doing this basic course 1 you will be able to use chemical glass, colored glazes in the open studio sessions, and will gain access to the Glazing Room.

The Glazing Basic 1 session practices:

  • How to weigh and calculate the cost of glazes, (dry and wet.)
  • How to manage and prepare for glazing and how to plan your ceramic work for successful glazing.
  • How to dip using premixed glazes in large buckets.
  • How to prepare the ceramics for resting in the kiln.
  • Simple brush applying techniques.
  • Do’s and Do not’s about applying glaze thicknesses.
  • Health and Safety, and how to watch out for hazards.

To attend this session you will need a minimum of three bisk fired ceramic items;

  1. A flat or one-sided surfaced object – such as a tile or simple sculpture.
  2. A closed vessel (two or three sided) – such as a cup, vase, bottle, or pot with both inside and outside
  3. An open vessel – such as a bowl or plate, again 2 sided.

If you do not have time to produce these objects yourself,  they will be provided by the studio.

Costs include all materials and the firing of objects..

Pay with Cash or Card paid on entrance to room 11.

(This is not an EdanZ Event)

Prices are €20 per session.  (See edanz agenda and facebook for scheduled  for availability)

Please ask if you wish to know more about glazing and attend further workshops in this series;

Glazing 2:  Furthering Application and Decoration Techniques.

Glazing 3: Testing.  Line blending, adjusting, and formulating using raw materials.

Ceramic Sculpture and ART Courses

Model Tekenen with Clay , plaster and other materials.

Facilitated: Ruben / Jonathan

We have a nude model for Sculpting every Tuesday at 2pm-4.30.

Please ask during these sessions how you would like to work in sculpting.

This is and EdanZ event.

€12, €9 with card

Ceramic workshops for KIDS

wEDNESDAY CERAMICS: FOR KIDS WITH PARENTS. -Please contact in advance-

Facilitated : Marion

We run a “Kids with Parents” session on request most Wednesday afternoons; 2.30pm- 5pm.  We price this session same as our open studio pricing system, for time and materials (see above),  except for every parent accompanying a child the entrance is free.  If two parents attend with one child the cost is for two.  To attend this session you must contact us at least 2 days in advance. We need to know the age of each child, and how many attend,  to plan for requirements. (For more information please write to:

Other kids programs: You may also contact us if you are interested in your child attending a more regular program, with a weekly ceramics class, course. (For more information please write to: .

Click here to join our Art @ EdanZ Facebook group, to keep up to date with information .

Individual Tuition and PersonaliZed Group Sessions


Individual Tuition and Personalized Parties or Company events are calculated depending on group size.

The maximum group size for the ceramics room is 10 persons.

For a day part or evening session session (two and a half hours)  costs are as follows:

2 persons     €44.50 per person*. ,

5 persons     €25.00 PP

8 persons     €20.00 PP

*Theses prices are calculated at pro-rata rates dependent on group size and are all inclusive. ( €65 flat rate for any session + €12 per person thereafter)

For Bookings and further inquires please contact: Jonathan – +31 (0)626253515  or via Messenger using the  Art@EdanZ group  facebook page.